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In a picturesque place on the bank of the Dnipro bay “Nazhyvo” beer restaurant opened its doors. This is a real find for conducting of your leisure! Here you can always spend your time nicely, celebrate an important event, cheer for your favourite team and enjoy our dishes prepares especially for you with great love and inspiration. In addition, the jewel in the crown of our restaurant is our own brewery. We will tell and show you with pleasure how this incredible drink is born and will offer you to taste every kind of our beer.

“Nazhyvo” restaurant-brewery – it is always good mood, nice impressions and friendly relaxing atmosphere.

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How We make beer

A little something about how we brew  beer

We brew our beer, first of all, with love.
Naturally, on every stage of beer production, there are certain technological nuances and recipe subtleties but the quality of ingredients plays a great role. Therefore, for beer production we use only the best raw materials: treated purified water, German malt, bitter and scented hops of different origin and also French yeasts. The main component is the “soul” of brewing master. So, all this allows to get beer of high quality which we will gladly offer you to task.

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Розклад подій що відбудуться, або недавно відбулись.
Oct 7 2017 - 21:15
Київ, Біломорська, 1
Sep 11 2017 - 01:15
Днепровская Набережная, 14
Sep 2 2017 - 06:30
Київ, ВДНГ, Академіка Глушкова, 1

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